Camp KidConnect 2016 videos

At the conclusion of each day of FCBC‘s Camp KidConnect, we had a Spotlight Slideshow. The kids were the stars and helped retell the Bible lesson of the morning. On the last day, the preschoolers were the stars. I took all the photos from the week and narrowed them down to the best of the best for the final slideshow. We will show it tomorrow morning during our worship services. Click on the links to watch the respective videos. Enjoy the fun!

Day One – Jesus’ Light Gives Us Hope

Day Two – Jesus Walks On Water

Day Three – Jesus Sheds Light on How to Live

Day Four – Jesus Shows Us Love

Day Five – Jesus Gives Us His Power (preschoolers)

Camp KidConnect 2016 Slideshow


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Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day Five–Dunk Tank Edition

To close out the week of Camp KidConnect, we brought in a dunk tank so the kids could dunk their leaders.:) I was dunked twice, I think by the same person.  It was a great way to celebrate the end of a wonderful week as well as reward the kids for the large offering they gave. We also had a few carnival type games as well as hot dogs and chips for lunch.


Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day Five

Today was the final day of Camp KidConnect 2016, FCBC‘s summer children’s ministry. Today’s Bible lesson was on the Holy Spirit–Jesus Gives Us His Power. In Imagination Station, we learned about static electricity and how light is reflected. All week long, we’ve been collecting money to help the Holy Trinity Church in Anapa, Russia purchase resources for their children’s ministry. During the “big reveal,” we learned that the kids gave $394 towards the project. YEAH! It was a wonderful week. We count it a great privilege to invest in eternity by teaching children. Here some pics of the day’s festivities. Many of the pictures of our preschoolers since they were the stars of our Spotlight Slideshow.


Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day Four

Today was our 4th day of Camp KidConnect at First Central Bible Church. Dan Appleton told our Bible story about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We played with “flicker flyers” in Imagination Station which reminded us that when we miss the target, Jesus loves us and can forgive our sins. We sang songs, played games, and had a great time. The dunk tank arrived for tomorrow’s closing festivities. It was another great day, as you can see in our pics.



Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day Three

Today was the third day of FCBC‘s summer children’s ministry, Camp KidConnect. It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the halfway point. Today’s Bible lesson was from the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). We learned how Jesus sheds light on how to live–as salt & light, treating others kindly, and praying for others. We also had snacks, games, songs, science experiments, and FUN. It was another great day. Here’s some pics from the day’s event.


Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day Two

Today was the second day of FCBC‘s Camp KidConnect, our summer children’s program. Our Bible lesson was on Jesus walking on the water, with the point that Jesus gives us courage. Robin D mixed up a liquid/solid of cornstarch & water so the kids could “walk on water.” It was a very fun day of Bible lessons, games, songs, crafts, and learning. This year’s missions’ offering will go to help purchase child-sized tables and chairs for the children’s ministry at Holy Trinity Church in Anapa, Russia, a church that Pastor Mark has a relationship with. Depending on how much money is raised, the kids will be able to “dunk” the leaders at the carnival on Friday. Here some pics from the morning’s activities.


Camp KidConnect 2016 – Day One

Today was the first day of First Central Bible Church‘s summer children’s program, Camp KidConnect. Our theme this year is Cave Quest: Following Jesus as the Light of the World. Robin Dolbow and her team decorated the church in a cave/spelunking theme. We had Bible stories, singing, outdoor water games, imagination station, and much more. We have 83 children from preschool – 6th grade and 30+ leaders, which makes for a high energy, creative, fun-filled morning. Here’s a snapshot of the day’s activities.


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