Curiosity cornered the cat

26 May

I think my cat may have finally forgiven me, though “may” is still the operative word.

I had gone into the garage this morning to put something away, and unbeknownst to me, Mittens snuck in behind me. It was several hours later when I opened the garage door that she bolted out with a glare on her face and her tail looking like a bottle brush. Now before you think I am either cruel or cluelessly unobservant, it is quite normal for Mittens to disappear for hours at a time. In the morning, she will often crawl off to a quiet corner for her post-breakfast, mid-morning, and/or pre-lunch nap. (I always get them mixed up.) When I did not see her for 3-4 hours, it was nothing new. But when I heard a plaintive cry, I told my daughter that we needed to find her. Sure enough, we checked the garage, and out bolted the cat. After a thorough bath, several snacks, and a glaring look or three, I knew I would be in the dog house for quite some time. To hear her tell the tale, I had deliberately banished her to the dark. So what if we have chased her out of the garage before and told her she doesn’t belong there.

I wonder how often I treat God that way. Through my own curiosity and willfulness, I wander off and get into trouble. I get trapped by my own wrong choices. My sinful actions start demanding payment. When I cannot seem to worry my way out, I finally come to my senses and call for help. But when God delivers me, I either blame him for my troubles or glare at him for not rescuing me earlier. How much better would it be if I avoided the open doors of temptation that I already know lead to danger and disaster?

Perhaps Mittens and I need to learn the same lesson.

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Posted by on May 26, 2008 in Personal growth


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