Therapy for pastors

08 Sep

After 13 days of demolition, drywall, painting, tiling, grouting, caulking, and reinstalling cabinets and toilet, my bathroom remodel project is now complete. When people ask me why I did it myself, I tell them it is good therapy. The walls don’t talk back! The nails don’t whine about how hard I hit them. The cabinet doesn’t complain that I painted the walls a different color.

I was giving my facetious answer to one of our church elders who is a school teacher and he agreed. He said that one reason he enjoyed landscaping around his home was because he could see the end result when the project was completed.

One of the unique challenges of ministry is that we work with people who are always in process. You preach and teach and give counsel and advice to people, but  you sometimes wonder if it is sinking in or making any difference at all. Because growth is primarily internal and incremental, you may not see visible life-changing results until years later.

For me, the benefit of a home improvement project is that I can see the results. I can point to a tangible, visible, completed project. Granted, seeing a counselor may be cheaper, but I find that home improvement is good therapy for the days when I wonder if my sermons are making any difference in the lives of people.

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