Life cycle of too many churches

23 Oct

Titus Ministries is an organization that provides personnel and resources to help revitalize local churches. They developed a chart of the “Life cycle of too many churches.” Far too many churches start out strong with vision and mission. They are intentional in pursuing their task and mission. They reach a level of fruitfulness and effectiveness. If they are not careful, they can become comfortable and complacement. If they do, they are in danger of slipping into maintenance mode where survival becomes more important than risk. From there, it is a short trip to decline and death.


To avoid the precipitous fall into decline and death, the church needs to make some strategic choices and intentional changes. They cannot continue “business-as-usual.” The ideal process is that when the church reaches a level of effectiveness, they need to birth new dreams and start the process all over again. The chart, “Life cycle of a healthy church” illustrates this process. At that point, change will be difficult and challenging. If the church waits until they are already on the downward slide, change will be painful and excruciating.



If you have trouble reading the images or if you would like to download a copy, here is a .pdf file of both charts – life-cycle-of-too-many-churches

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