The misery continues

22 Nov

How bad can Seattle sports get? Have we hit bottom yet?

This week, we were profiled in the NY Times, “At a time of loss, Seattle fans hold on to hope.”  We’re so bad we’ve become a national laughingstock or symbol of pity.

The NBA Oklahoma City Thunder, stolen from the city of Seattle, fired their coach for a 1-12 start. I suppose we could gloat at someone else’s misery, but it’s a bit like hearing that an old girlfriend who jilted you just got a divorce. Are you supposed to gloat because she’s in pain or feel relieved that the divorce didn’t involve you? Either way, you’re left with a bitter taste in your mouth.

The most “rotten” of Apple Cups just ended with the UW Huskies losing 16-13 to the WSU Cougars on a missed field goal in the 2nd overtime period. UW is the worst team in college football.

And tomorrow, former Seattle Seahawk Jim Zorn’s Washington Redskins are favored to beat the Seattle Seahawks. We can be stomped on by a member of our own Ring of Honor. I can hardly wait to watch.

PLEASE, no more!!!!!!!!!!!

At least the 2009 Seattle Mariners are undefeated.

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Posted by on November 22, 2008 in Culture, Sports


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