Impatiently Patient

25 Aug

If you don’t count the fact I . . .

  • still have a roaring headache
  • can’t walk in a straight line
  • cannot make any sudden movements without wobbling

. . . then I am completely recovered from vertigo! (or not).

The doctor told me it would take 7-10 days for the effects of vertigo to settle down. I told myself it would be 10-14 days. Now that I am past the 10-day mark, I find myself increasingly impatient. I am ready to move on. In the early days of my illness, I told my daughter Amanda, “I’m tired of this game. Can I play a new one?” Her response was, “It’s like Jumanji. You have to play until the end.” Rats!

On the one hand, I have made great strides. The room no longer spins. I can actually read and watch TV now. I can stand in one place without rocking. I actually walked to the mailbox by myself yesterday, though it would not have passsed a DUI-white-line-test. I rode in the car with Carol last night as we took Jonathan to the airport to head back to school, and was no worse for wear afterwards.

On the other hand, it is the last incremental stages of restored health that I am still waiting for. I appreciate what my friend, Tim Jack, said yesterday in his timely blog about waiting with grace. “The first rule of waiting is cultivating hope in the one who is trustworthy even if he doesn’t do things on our timetable!”

When I complained to my wife last night that I wished there was something I could do to get over this, her response was, “Pray?” Though chafing with impatience, I need to wait calmly, hopefully, and yes, patiently, keeping my focus on the one who knows what is best for me, and who has never failed to care for his children.


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