Where are you going?

18 Oct

I just finished reading Andy Stanley’s book, The principle of the path: How to get from where you are to where you want to be. The thesis of the book is that one’s direction determines one’s destination. It is not a matter of having good intentions and desires. It is a matter of what direction you are going in. A key part of the equation is what we allow to capture our attention. As the author states, “What gets our attention determines our direction and, ultimately, our destination. Or if you prefer the short version: attention determines direction.”

This would be a great book to give a high school or college graduate, a newly married couple, or a person beginning an internship. It would provide insight and guidance to help them determine where they want to end up, which in turn would help guide them in choosing the right path.

As all of Andy Stanley’s books, this one is very funny, practical, biblical, and easy to read. While it can be easily read in one evening, it provides food for thought that you will chew on for days to come.

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Posted by on October 18, 2009 in Books, Personal growth


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