At the turning of the page

31 Dec

In 83 minutes, we turn the calendar and enter a new year and a new decade. Before that occurs, let me say, “Thank you, Lord,” for all you did over the past decade in our lives. It was a decade of stretching and growth. During that time,

  • Our children moved through adolescence and into adulthood. They passed through Jr. High and High School, and onto college.
  • We celebrated one child’s graduation from college and anticipate a second one in May.
  • We learned to let go of our children and trust them to God’s care as they went off to college, to Africa and Mexico on ministry trips, to backpacking excursions in the Adirondacks and Idaho, and made career decisions.
  • I left a secure position as an associate pastor and took on more responsibility and greater opportunities as a senior pastor. That transition cost us some old friendships but also brought about the beginning of new ones.
  • We said “Goodbye” to my stepfather and my mother.
  • We welcomed, “Mittens,” my mother’s cat to our family.
  • I had the opportunity to preach and teach in Washington, Oregon, Spain, Russia, and Nigeria.
  • We weathered health challenges and learned to adjust to ongoing ones.
  • We learned to trust God to provide–strength, wisdom, $$, health, direction, endurance. He always met us at our point of need.

Through it all, God has been ever faithful. Thank you Lord for all you have done in and through us. May 2010 be a year of deeper growth, increased fruitfulness, and greater effectiveness in our lives and ministries.

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