Headlines make me curious

22 Jan

“O’Brien seals $45 million deal to quit ‘Tonight”; Host walks away with $33 million, staff splits $12 million.” Getting paid millions to quit work? Where do I sign up for a job like that?

“Tim Tebow, James Dobson team up for Super Bowl ad. This can’t end well.” When athletes make the news for acting badly–Plaxico Burress and Gilbert Arenas for carrying guns; Tiger Woods for sexcapades–why do we question one who takes a positive stand for the family?

“Disaster do-gooders can actually hinder help; Univited volunteers, useless donations can cost money, time–and lives.” You mean that good intentions and a compassionate heart are not enough? Why do I need a plan? Why should I coordinate with the authorities? I’m an American, and I know best! Funny how that approach doesn’t always work.

“Four Bellevue boys, one 11, arrested in armed robbery” What were they thinking?!?! How come mom didn’t know what her two boys were doing? Kudos to the police for being so connected to the community that they recognized the boys in the video.

“Obama seeks tighter limit on banks’ reach.” If the government can tell banks they can’t grow any larger, who tells the government they can’t extend their reach?

“Local attorney aims to name sewage plant after Lane Kiffin.” I wonder how the people of Knoxville, TN, feel about Lane Kiffin’s coaching legacy?

“Felix Hernandez on brink of superstar deal.” With Felix soon to sign a long-term deal, and the trade for Cliff Lee and the signing of Chone Figgins, is it too soon to vote for Mariners GM Jack Z as “Executive of the year”?

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Posted by on January 22, 2010 in Culture, News stories


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