Secret sins don’t hold water

17 Feb

“I can see the water, but I can’t see where it is coming from,” I said to my wife. “I don’t know where it is leaking.”

My wife was moving things underneath the kitchen sink and discovered water where it shouldn’t be. It’s not like there was standing water threatening to drip down through the floor and into the family room below. It’s not like we needed to get the waders out. But there were enough drips to cause concern and cancel my immediate plans.

I examined all of the elbows, joints, traps, and connections from the sink to the garbage disposal. Everything was tight. They were wet, but not leaking. I checked the sink drain itself. It seemed to be ok as well. A bit loose, but nothing serious. The next time I was at the hardware store, I told myself, I’ll pick up some plumber’s putty and reseat the drain. I was mystified. I could not see any leaks. I gave up and started fixing lunch.

Meanwhile, my wife filled the sink with water in order to soak a plant. Can you say, LEAK!?!?

I put my lunch fixings away and headed to the hardware store for plumber’s putty and plumber’s tape.

Arriving back home, I starting taking the sink and drain apart. Whereupon I discovered the real culprit–A flange that secures the drain to the sink had a tiny crack in it on the backside of the sink. The crack was just big enough to loosen the drain seal and allow water to leak through. But it was small enough so it was not visible until you dismantled everything and brought it out into the light.

One more trip to the hardware store to buy the appropriate flange.

Once everything was retaped, reputtied, and tightened down, the water stayed where it was supposed to–in the sink and in the pipes, and not on the floor.

I wonder how many people have secret sins that are draining the vitality from their lives. I wonder how many simply live with a leak instead of trying to find the culprit and fix it. I wonder how many try to plug the holes with putty and patch the cracks with tape instead of replacing the cracked portion of their lives.

Who knew I would discover a spiritual lesson underneath the kitchen sink?

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Posted by on February 17, 2010 in Character, Home, Personal growth


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