Crisis du jour

19 Feb

In a discussion about sermon preparation, one person asked me, “What is your normal schedule? What does your average week look like?”

I laughed and said, “I’m not sure there is a normal week for a pastor. There are certain priorities I try to maintain, sermon preparation among them. But how I spend my week depends on the crisis du jour (crisis of the day).”

This week’s crisis is a funeral. A long-time member of the church went to be with the Lord early Monday morning. The memorial service was on Thursday. Since Thursday comes before Sunday, I focused on preparing for the funeral before working on my sermon for Sunday.

Last week’s crisis was computer repair. Two of the office computers were giving new meaning to the term “snail mail.” So I did some research and discovered they only had 512MB of RAM. I ordered the appropriate parts to upgrade them to 2GB, and when they arrived, took the computers apart and installed the RAM.

During January – March, I spend time with the Nominating Committee discussing, choosing, and recruiting folks to serve in leadership positions for the next year. During the same time frame, I work with the staff, elders, and finance team to plan and put together the budget for the next fiscal year.

That being said, I suppose my normal week is one filled with various and sundry tasks. Some days I function as a Senior Pastor, other days like an Executive Pastor, and still others as a Counselor, Teacher, and/or Administrative Assistant. Life in a small church is never dull.

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