Rules for Chocolate Bunnies

30 Mar

In case someone buys you one of those chocolate bunnies this year for Easter, remember these important rules:

• If you get melted chocolate all over your hands, you’re eating it too slowly.

• Diet Tip: Eat some chocolate before each meal. It’ll take the edge off your appetite and you’ll eat less.

• A nice chocolate bunny can provide your total daily intake of calories in one place.

• If you can’t eat all your chocolate bunny, it will keep in the freezer; but if you can’t eat all your chocolate bunny, what’s wrong with you?

• If calories are an issue, store your chocolate bunny on top of the fridge. Calories are afraid of heights, and they will jump out of the chocolate to protect themselves.

• Money talks. Chocolate sings.

• Chocolate has many preservatives. Preservatives make you look younger.

• Why is there no such organization as Chocoholics Anonymous? Because no one wants to quit.

• Put “eat chocolate bunny” at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you’ll get one thing done.

• Chocolate is a health food. Chocolate is derived from cacao beans. Beans are vegetables, aren’t they? Sugar is derived either from sugar beets or cane, both vegetables. Of course, milk is dairy. So eat more chocolate bunny to meet the dietary requirements for your daily vegetable and dairy intake.

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