No greater joy

30 Aug

As a parent and as a pastor, I echo the sentiment of the apostle John in his third letter,

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (3 John 4)

Our family is spread out from east to west, from Seattle to Los Angeles to Boston, from grad school to business to college to ministry. To help stay connected, we try to have a family conference call on Sunday afternoon or evening. Because of varying schedules, yesterday was the first time we’ve all been on the line at the same time in several weeks. It was a particularly encouraging time hearing the exploits, adventures, lessons learned, and prayer needs of our children. It brings me great joy to hear what God is doing in and through them. It also motivates me to keep praying so that their walk with him deepens.

I experience similar joy when I hear about the various members of the Sojourners Class at Crossroads Bible Church, which I led and taught for seven years. When United EFC’s ministry team returned from Japan recently, I felt proud and encouraged when I heard their stories of God’s provision and what they were able to accomplish.

It warms my heart, cheers my soul, and encourages my spirit when I hear that my children, both physical and spiritual, love Jesus and walk in truth.


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