Taking pride in progress

31 Aug

One of the challenges of ministry is wondering if you are accomplishing anything. Because spiritual growth is internal and/or incremental, it is difficult to know, and especially to see if people are growing and changing. I suppose that why I like construction, remodeling, and working with wood. You start, work hard, and complete a project. You can measure your progress from one day to the next. You can look at your work and have a sense of accomplishment.

This week, I started replacing our front porch/step. With all the dry rot and wasp nests, I’m actually surprised it had not fallen down some time ago. So far, I’ve completed the demolition, built the platform, added the steps, and put down the decking.

Since I am only able to work on the project a couple of days a week, it will take a few weeks to complete the task. Assuming the weather cooperates Labor Day weekend, I will tackle the handrails next.

While I don’t plan to quit my day job as a pastor, building a deck is a welcome diversion from preaching, counseling, and shepherding. I can actually measure my progress. I count it as one of God’s many good gifts to me.

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Posted by on August 31, 2010 in Home, Ministry, Photos


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