Don’t wait for when

28 Sep

How often do I get into the trap of waiting for when . . . , then . . . ?

  • When the kids are home, then we’ll talk about this issue.
  • When I preach the right sermon, then people will change.
  • When I change churches, then I can truly worship.
  • When I get a better job, then I’ll think about remodeling the house.
  • When I lose weight, then I’ll have more friends.
  • When my hair grows back, then I can be more outgoing.
  • When I get a bigger house, then I can invite people over.
  • When we get out of debt, then we can give back to God.
  • When my kids come back to my church, then we’ll be a family.
  • When other people change, then I’ll finally be happy.
  • When I finish school, then I’ll think about leading.
  • When I retire, then I can serve.

Rather than wait for when, how can I enjoy God’s blessings now? How can I serve God right now? How can I inject more “life” into my life today?

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Posted by on September 28, 2010 in Personal growth


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