How God prepared Joshua to lead Israel

20 Oct

In February, I will be teaching a class on the book of Joshua and the leadership principles in the book. As part of my study, I began by asking the question, “How did God prepare Joshua for the task of leading Israel?” It became evident that God used a series of graduated assignments and responsibilities to get him ready for the task. These principles can be used to help us train and mentor emerging leaders. Here is a chart that summarizes my observations.



Where do the events occur?


What was happening in this event?


What was Joshua’s role in this event?

Lessons learned

What did God want Joshua to learn?

Exodus 17:8-16 Rephidim Battle with Amalek.

Joshua fights while Moses prays.

Soldier Work as though it all depends on you. Pray as though it all depends on God.
Exodus 24:9-18 Mt. Sinai Joshua waits on Mt. Sinai while Moses meets with God. Servant of Moses Leaders require an enlarged vision of who God is.
Exodus 33:7-11 Tabernacle Joshua is in the tent of meeting while Moses meets with God. Servant of Moses Spiritual leadership demands time alone with God.
Numbers 11:24-29 Within the camp Elders appointed to help Moses. Joshua is jealous for Moses’ status. Servant of Moses Allow others to share in the ministry.
Numbers 13:1‑14:45 Canaan 12 men sent to spy out the land. Only Joshua & Caleb are willing to trust God for success. Spy Leaders need to stand for truth, even if it means standing alone.
Numbers 27:12-23 Before the congregation Commissioned to take Moses’ place. Successor to Moses Leadership is ultimately a work of the Holy Spirit.
Deuteronomy 34:1‑12 Mt. Nebo

Camp of Israel

Death of Moses Successor to Moses No one is indispensable in God’s plan.

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  1. Christopher

    May 24, 2018 at 11:50 am

    Can I have a PDF of this speadsheet?


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