Holidays are for DAWGS!

31 Dec

“Holidays are for DAWGS!” (Great line, Amanda.)

Congratulations to the University of Washington Huskies Football team, champions of the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl. As the announcers kept reminding everyone, the Huskies came back from “the depths of an 0-12 season two years ago” and “the wreckage of the Tyrone Willingham era.” Not only that, but they avenged an embarrassing shellacking from the Nebraska Cornhuskers back in September.

Kudos to the defense, who proved they could stop the run. Kudos to Nick Holt, who proved he can coach defense and justified his high salary. Kudos to Steve Sarkisian, who proved he can coach smash-mouth football, and in the process silenced those who doubted and second-guessed whether he was head coach material when the Dawgs stumbled in the middle of the season. Congratulations and Thanks to Jake Locker, who helped turn around a downtrodden program, restored glory to Montlake, and went out a winner.

The new year seems bright indeed for the Dawgs of Montlake. The program is back to respectability and relevance. Dawg fans can start wearing purple again, without having to apologize or say it’s for the basketball team.


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Posted by on December 31, 2010 in Seattle, Sports


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