Pour your heart into worship

28 Jan

When it comes to worship, the question is not, “Did you give God your time, talents, money, or praise?” The real question is, “Did you give God your heart?”

On the one hand, I believe that Scripture teaches that our worship is empty if our heart is not involved. On the other hand, I was curious whether or not it really made a difference. So I decided to use a case study approach to try and find the answer. I examined two examples of worship—one good and one bad. Comparing and contrasting the two, I discovered that one worshipped God with their lives while the other only gave their possessions.

Here are the results of my study:

Churches in Macedonia – 2 Corinthians 8:1-7

Ananias & Sapphira – Acts 5:1-11

Influenced by grace (1)

Influenced by Satan (3)

Lived in great affliction (2a)

Lived in great affluence (1-2)

Gave out of their poverty (2b)

Gave out of their surplus (1-2)

Exhibited selfless generosity (2c)

Exhibited selfish duplicity (3‑4, 8-9)

Gave as much as possible (3)

Gave as little as possible (3)

Proactive – they initiated the gift (3b)

Reactive – they were caught up in the emotion of the crowd (4:32-37, 5:1)

Begged for the privilege to give (4)

Felt an obligation to give (4:32‑37, 5:1)

Concerned for the needs of others (4b)

Concerned for the opinion of others (4)

Gave their lives to God (5)

Gave their possessions to God (1-2)

Act of worship (5)

Appearance of worship (2-4)

An encouraging example to follow (1, 6-7)

A frightening example to avoid (5, 11)

God doesn’t want our time, talents, money, or praise.  He wants our heart.


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