Dueling Billboards

28 Apr

When billboards duel before a watching world, both Christians and non-Christians will lose.

In one corner, using a worldwide strategy of billboards, a traveling caravan of RV’s, and radio stations, you have the folks from,, and who proclaim that judgment day is coming. Christ will return on May 21, 2011 and the world will end on October 21, 2011.

In another corner, you have billboards sponsored by the American Atheists proclaiming it’s all nonsense and inviting people to their rapture party on May 21-22, 2011. They may not have as many billboards, but their message is just as loud.

Standing by to observe is the national press.

Cashing in on the whole enterprise are media companies–“Judgment Day Rapture for CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel.”

In this duel, the only winners will be the media companies. The clear losers will be both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Christians will lose because they will be laughed at when judgment day does NOT occur on May 21. Mark 13:32 says that no one knows the hour of judgment–not the angels, not even Jesus–but only God himself. Granted, only a fringe group is predicting this event, but all Christians will be painted with the same brush when this prediction falls flat. (After encountering their RV caravan last November, I went to their website and was dismayed to read how they have twisted and misinterpreted Scripture. I later posted my thoughts on the issue. I cringe to think that our church will be lumped in with these heretics.)

Non-Christians will also lose when May 22 dawns like any other day. The atheists will celebrate at their anti-rapture party, dismiss the Bible as nonsense, and go on about their business. In their minds, Christians will be confirmed as loonies. Because one fringe group misinterprets and twists Scripture, non-Christians will be more skeptical of biblical truth and less open to spiritual things.

When billboards duel before a watching world, everyone loses.

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