How do you discover your sweet spot?

30 Jun

Book Review: Cure for the Common Life: Living in your Sweet Spot, by Max Lucado

How do you discover your sweet spot? Where are you the most effective, the most satisfied, the most fulfilled? Begin by asking yourself two questions—“What do you do well?” and “What do you enjoy doing?” The answer may very well surprise you, but it will also help you discover how God has uniquely wired you.

This is the main idea of Max Lucado’s book, Cure for the Common Life. It seeks to help the reader discover how God has uniquely gifted them and where they will be most satisfied and effective. Having gone through a workshop 10 years ago that employed those same two questions, I can personally attest to the “Ah ha!” moment of self-discovery that follows and how it changed the direction of my life.

Lucado’s book is organized around the statement, “Use your uniqueness to make a big deal out of God every day of your life.” The first third of the book helps the reader to discover their uniqueness. Lucado uses the acronym STORY to help explain how God has hardwired each individual with:

  • Strengths – unique gifts and abilities.
  • Topics – what you want to do with those gifts in order to make a contribution.
  • Optimal conditions – where you are most effective.
  • Relationships – who you want to work with; whether you are most effective working alone or with others.
  • Yes! – add them all together to discover your unique “YES! This is what I was created for” moment.

The appendices include several worksheets to help the reader work through these elements to discover their unique STORY.

The middle part of the book focuses on how to use your STORY to glorify God. The final third focuses on doing this every day of your life. One of the more helpful chapters is directed at helping parents discover their child(ren)’s uniqueness rather than forcing them into a preconceived mold of the parent’s choosing.

Along the way, Lucado includes a number of examples and illustrations from real people to help flesh out the concepts and see them in action.

Having read a number of volumes on this subject, I have to conclude that this is one of the most helpful ones. It takes material originally developed by Arthur Miller of SIMA International and presents it in understandable language for the average person.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com http://BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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