When life interrupts

25 Jul

Sometimes, life interrupts our trivial pursuits. We are blissfully consumed with the important issues of the day when life grabs us by the throat and forcefully turns our head to face the real issues that should command our attention. This weekend was no exception.

The Pressing Issues of the Day:

The Real Issues of the Day:

Now, I love sports and movies. But they are peripheral issues compared to the conflict, violence, and senseless deaths of the weekend.

The events of the weekend should drive us to our knees in prayer. We should pray for those who are grieving, who lost loved ones, and who search for answers as to why.

The events of the weekend should also cause those of us who know Jesus Christ as Savior to speak up about our faith and how Jesus can heal the hurting and hopeless. I realize anew how appropriate was the main point of my sermon yesterday on Mark 1:40-45, “Because Jesus touched us, we should tell others about him.”


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