Competing, clashing, crashing agendas

27 Jul

As the senior pastor and one of only two full-time staff members of a smaller church, I wear many hats and juggle many responsibilities in carrying out my duties. Over the course of the past five days, I fulfilled the roles of senior pastor, executive pastor, general staff duties, and head of the complaint department. Here are the things I have been asked to do in each area:


Senior pastor

Executive pastor

General duties

Complaint department


Prepare and deliver sermon

Mentor staff

Clarify vision for church board

Meet with worship leaders


Meet with insurance agent to discuss church coverage

Research previous church coverage—limits and premiums

Write new policy for safety & security for children and youth ministry to qualify for best coverage

Recruit new person for church board because one quit before term expired



Research anonymous gift check

Fix computer glitch for bulletin cover file

Solve AV projector issues

Refill paper trays in copier

Solve internet issues

Answer phones

Listen to crank, anonymous phone messages

Listen to request to book traveling musical groups

Listen to request to provide housing for international students

Answer question why church member hasn’t received recent prayer requests via email

Create PowerPoint for worship service

“We need better coffee.” (You should buy a commercial espresso stand.)

“Not enough people attend prayer meeting.” (You should change the time & place, and tell people to attend. By the way, you should be there too.)

“You should attend the district family camp.” (Why isn’t what I think important, important to you?)

“The district family camp has changed—it’s not ‘spiritual’ enough anymore.” (You should fix this.)

“A person who left the church 18 months ago got into trouble.” (You should rescue this person.)


Important Important, but not urgent Urgent, but not important Neither urgent nor important

Why is it that columns 3 & 4 are longer than 1 & 2 combined? How do I say, “No,” to column 4, delegate column 3, put off column 2 until later, so that I can focus on my main responsibilities in column 1?

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