Home makeover – Laundry Room edition

30 Aug

I’ve spent the past two days of my vacation remodeling the laundry room in our house. New paint, tile, cabinets, and sink/cabinet. Here are some before & after photos to show the drastic difference.



It took me half a day just to pull up the old tile, which was at least 20+ years old. It was chipped in places and pretty worn out. After pulling up the tiles, I had to use a chemical stripper to get the old adhesive off the concrete. It seemed an appropriate illustration of the need for regular confession of sin. If you let sin build up in your life, you have to work that much harder to clean it out and rid yourself of the gunk it leaves behind.

In laying down the tile and installing the cabinets, I discovered two additional quirks/problems. The concrete floor was not level and the walls were not true. I was reminded of the Old Testament prophet Amos when he watched God drop a plumb line in the midst of the nation of Israel to illustrate that they had drifted away from God and were no longer true to him (Amos 7:7-9).

It is amazing what you can learn while working on the house.


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