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Road trip – Chilly day on Boston’s north shore

Before heading for the airport on Sunday, we explored Boston’s north shore with Caitlin. We walked around the town of Rockport, and then drove through Salem (on the day before Halloween), and the town of Beverly. While the winter storm had passed through leaving the skies blue, it was still very cold with a biting wind, as evidenced by us being bundled up. That being said, it was a beautiful day and an enjoyable time with our youngest.

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Road trip – Journeys end

By the good grace of God, Carol and I ended our cross-country road trip with a safe arrival at Gordon College in Wenham, MA.

We started our journey with sunset on the Pacific. We ended it with sunrise over the Eastern seaboard.

We stood with Jonathan on the beach of Seal Beach, CA, with Amanda on top of the Empire State Building in New York City, and with Caitlin on the shores of Gloucester, MA.

Though a major storm chased us across the US, we were fortunate to have good weather each day of our journey. Denver received 10 inches of snow the day after we passed through, and NYC received several inches only hours after we left town. Here in the Boston area, we received a dusting of snow, but it is expected to lift before our flight is scheduled to leave Sunday evening.

As we journeyed east, we enjoyed listening to an audiobook of C. S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. Those seven books took us from L.A. to Boston and encouraged us with positive, uplifting tales of courage, heroism, and God’s good gifts. On the journey, we enjoyed the adventure that Aslan brought us and we head home with the same attitude.

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Road trip – New England

This (very early) morning, we dropped Amanda off at JFK at 4:30am for a flight to L.A. Carol and I kept going north towards Boston. Unfortunately, I have no idea what Connecticut looks like as we passed through in the dark. We arrived at Gordon College in Wenham, MA, (about 40 minutes north of Boston) around mid-morning. We connected with our daughter Caitlin. We explored Gloucester, MA, perhaps best known as the home port for the movie, The Perfect Storm. After having lunch, we went to Russell Farms for hot apple cider and cider donuts. We will enjoy dinner together this evening and do some more exploring tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s some shots from our day in MA.

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Road trip – Pennsylvania & NYC

We started the day in fog in Youngstown, OH, and ended it on top of the Empire State Building with Amanda.

Pennsylvania had beautiful colors amidst rolling hills.

We arrived in NYC in the afternoon, had dinner with Amanda at Five Guys in Manhattan, and then toured the Empire State Building. Since it was a clear day, we enjoyed some spectacular views.




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Road trip – Midwest

The miles continue to rack up as we traversed the width of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio today. We traveled from Le Claire, IA to Austintown, OH. It rained off and on today, enough to keep the wipers going but not enough to create problems.

Illinois has rolling hills and farmland. Since it was raining, we didn’t get any pictures. Then again, it looked a lot like Iowa did. Indiana, at least northern Indiana, is relatively flat farmland.

Ohio has a similar look to Indiana. However, the main difference, at least along I-80, is that Ohio has rolling hills.

While the colors in the Midwest are pretty, they have a dull and fading look. We concluded we are about two weeks past the prime time to see them in their beauty.

We concluded the day with dinner at Bob Evans, a midwest icon known for its comfort food. Good eating.

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Road Trip – Heartland

Today we drove from North Platte, NE, to Le Claire, IA (Quad Cities area on the border of IA & IL). Not the best day for taking pictures as the sky was gray all day due to clouds.

One stretch of I-80 in IA had several wind farms.

The view from our hotel shows the trees changing color on the other side of the Mississippi River. The sunset was quite pretty as well.

Had dinner at Sneaky Pete’s in Le Claire, sort of a copycat of Pinnacle Pete’s in Phoenix. The decor is made up of neckties hanging all over the walls and ceiling. (If you come in wearing a tie, they cut it off.) Good Iowa corn-fed beef and pork.

The most significant aspect of the day is what we missed. Yesterday we drove through Denver and it was 60 degrees. This morning, Denver received 10 inches of snow. That was one adventure of driving we were glad to NOT enjoy.

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North Platte, NE

Had dinner last night at a true cowboy diner.

When we checked in at the Holiday Inn in North Platte, we asked the desk clerk for a recommendation of where to have dinner. She rattled off a list of names, some local, some national chains. We opted for a local spot, the Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill. As we pulled up to the restaurant, we decided that it smelled good and the parking lot was full. Definitely a good sign.

As we were led to our table, we noticed that the floor was littered with debris and we were walking on something that was crunchy. Not a good sign?!? As we sat down at the table, we discovered a tin bucket of salted peanuts on the table–appetizers. All the crunchy things on the floor were the peanut shells. When in Rome, act Roman. So we had a few peanuts while waiting for dinner and tossed the shells on the floor like the locals.

Good steak dinner, Nebraska corn-fed beef. The restaurant had cowboy written all over it, complete with Tom Mix and John Wayne movie posters on the wall.

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Road Trip – Rockies & plain states

Day Two of our road trip found us traveling from Grand Junction, CO to North Platte, NE.

Colorado is a beautiful state. Then again, I’m a bit biased since it is my home state.

While western Colorado is beautiful, eastern Colorado looks a whole lot like western Nebraska. Flat farmland as far as the eye can see, punctuated by the random grain elevator and livestock pen.

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Day One of the Road Trip

Carol and I are on the road from L.A. to Boston this week. We started out with sunset on the Pacific Ocean. Afterwards, we had dinner with our son, Jonathan.

We left L.A. early on Monday which meant we saw the sun come up over Nevada before we got to Las Vegas.

Some of the more interesting scenery we saw was in Utah on I-70. We enjoyed some beautiful rock formations near Bryce Canyon.

The Western States have a unique beauty all their own.

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The Great American Road Trip

This week, Carol and I embark on the Great American Road Trip. The trip has a fourfold purpose:

  1. See family. Carol will spend a couple of days with her parents and sister. Carol and I will see each of our kids in vastly different locales.
  2. Deliver a car to Caitlin for her final semester in college. She has survived for three years without one, but now needs transportation for an internship in the spring.
  3. Spend time with each other.
  4. See our beautiful country and enjoy God’s creation.

We start by flying from our home in Seattle, WA to So Cal, where we will have dinner with our son, Jonathan, who is studying at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. We will also see Carol’s folks in Cerritos, CA. From there, we start driving east with stops in Grand Junction, CO; North Platte, NE; Le Claire, IA; Youngstown, OH; New York City (where Amanda is currently working); and Wenham, MA, where Caitlin is finishing her studies at Gordon College. From there we fly home to Seattle.

Yes, we could have put the car on a transport and saved ourselves the wear and tear, but this is something we wanted to do.


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