20 Jan

Snow + ice storm + downed power lines = 18+ hour power outage = a dark, cold day.

The weather guys overestimated Wednesday’s storm and completed missed Thursday’s. They predicted 16 inches of snow on Wednesday; we got four. They predicted 45 degrees and rain on Thursday; we got an ice storm. Because of the snow and ice weighing down the branches on the trees, it’s no wonder power lines were downed and we lost power. By the time our power was restored 18+ hours later, it was 49 degrees INSIDE the house. BRRRRRR!!!!!

Since I was unable to work on my laptop out of concern for using up the battery, I spent the day reading near a window where there was light. I read Henry & Melvin Blackaby’s book, Experiencing the Spirit: The power of Pentecost every day. It was fittingly ironic to read about the power of the Holy Spirit on a day when we had no power. ;-}

In the same way that ice can weigh down a tree branch and cause it to bring down a power line, so we can allow sin to weigh down our lives and grieve or quench the power of the Holy Spirit. We waited in the cold and dark for Puget Sound Energy to clean up the mess and restore power to 1,312 customers in our region. (Thanks guys!) In the same way, we need to confess our sin before the power of the Spirit can be restored in our lives.

A valuable lesson for a cold, dark day.

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Posted by on January 20, 2012 in Books, Personal growth, Theology


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