Thoughts on worship

26 Nov

On Saturday, November 24, Carol and I hosted a dinner with our combined worship teams. During the evening, I shared my philosophy of worship with the group. The next several posts lay out the thoughts I expressed.


Typical attitudes or approaches to worship:

  • “Preliminaries” – everything leading up to preaching is a waste of time
  • Worship ends when the music stops; everything else in an intrusion
  • Music only makes us feel good
  • Worship is whatever my preference is – we’ve drawn boxes around our ideas/preference of worship and anything outside that box is either not spiritual enough or unacceptable.  We limit our expression of worship by what we like or what we think God wants to hear from us.

Worship involves humility.

The word “worship” appears 192 xs in the KJV and 256 xs in the NIV and 183 xs in the NASB and 192 in the ESV.  A common element would be the idea of paying homage.

  • word used most often in OT = bow, bow down
  • word used most often in NT = fall on knees, kiss the hand

Worship is a celebration of God. 

Worship is focused on who God is and what he has done – Revelation 4:8-11

Worship is an active response to God whereby we declare his worth – Psalms 96:4, 8

Worship should include a wide range of expression:

  • Musical expression – Stringed instruments – Psalm 98:5; Trumpets, brass – Psalm 98:6; Cymbals, tambourines, percussion – Psalm 150:4, 5
  • Verbal expression – Praise, singing – Psalm 138:1-2; Joy, gladness, singing – Psalm 100:1-2; Creativity and new songs – Psalm 96:1; 98:1; Continual expression – Revelation 4:8-11; Silence – Habakkuk 2:20
  • Physical expression – Bowing, kneeling – Psalm 95:6; Dancing – Psalm 150:4; Clapping – Psalm 98:8; Service – Romans 12:1-2; Gifts – Philippians 4:18
  • Emotional expression – Joy, gladness, singing – Psalm 100:1-2; Humility – 2 Chronicles 7:3; Brokenness – Job 1:20
  • Volume – Shouting – Psalm 20:5; 27:6; 33:1; Silence – Habakkuk 2:20


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