Responding to the still small voice

19 Apr

I tend to be more structured than spontaneous, more of a planner than flying by the seat of my pants. My sermon calendar is planned out through spring 2014. I’ve written, “DV—Deo Volente,” (Latin for “God willing”) at the bottom, but it is planned out nonetheless.

So why did I break from my current series on Colossians to preach on Psalm 46 this week? Because I felt God prompting me to make a change.

On Monday, like all of MA, New England, and the rest of the country, I was rocked by the news of the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Our peaceful, idyllic lifestyles felt very insecure indeed. If you cannot feel safe attending a sporting event, where can we find security?

Tuesday, I was in the church office, preparing a sermon on Colossians 4:2-6, the next passage in my current sermon series. I spent the day studying the passage, reading commentaries, and working on the outline.

Wednesday morning, I stopped by the church before heading to a breakfast meeting. As I waited at the stop light to turn into the church parking lot, I saw the words, “Be still,” on the church’s electronic reader board. It caused me to think of Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” I remembered the theme of the psalm is that God is the source of our security. I prayed, “God, are you saying I should change my sermon this week?”

As I headed off to my breakfast meeting, I prayed again and asked God to confirm which passage I should preach on this week. I asked him to let me know before I returned from breakfast so I would know which direction to go.

I turned on the radio and flipped to a sports radio station. Not liking the topic, I flipped to a different station. Not liking that one either, I turned to the local Christian radio station, The Q 99.7. The station was playing, “We won’t be shaken,” recorded by the group, Building 429. The lyrics expressed the theme of Psalm 46:4-7. I chuckled and said, “God, are you trying to tell me something?”

Having heard, reheard, and reheard God’s still small voice once again, I changed my sermon this week to Psalm 46, “Secure in the Storm.” The main idea of the message is, “Because God is my sure defense, I will not fear, I will not be moved, and I will not worry.” In light of our current circumstances, it seems very timely. I believe God wants to remind us to trust in him.

Please click on the link if you’d like to download a copy of the sermon notes.

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