The shifting winds of culture

26 Jun

Now that the US Supreme Court has ruled on DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), how should Christians respond? That is the question asked by Ed Stetzer in a blog post on Christianity Today entitled, “Prop 8, DOMA, and the Christian response: What should we do now?” The author provides a reasoned and gracious discussion of the issues. His main point is that while we may be losing the culture war, we need to stay faithful to our mission, namely, we need to love people, serve the hurting, and share the good news of Jesus with them.

Despite today’s ruling, Stetzer says that Christians should not panic.

It does not help to speak in ways that do not honor Christ. The sky is not falling. Jesus is still King and God is still sovereign.

We cling to the cross, stand on the rock, and remain steadfast in the hope found only in Christ. For we alone have that hope. And it is that hope which we are commanded to share with the world, whether Christianity is the cultural norm or not.

It is a helpful and yet challenging article.

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Posted by on June 26, 2013 in Culture, News stories


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