Ripples that touch our lives

07 Jun

On Thursday, June 5, our country endured yet another school shooting. Paul Lee, a 19-year-old student at Seattle Pacific University was killed when a gunman walked into Otto Miller Hall and opened fire. Kudos to Jon Meis, the 22-year-old engineering student working as a building monitor who took down the gunman.

Although the tragedy occurred on the other side of the US from where we live, Carol and grieve with the SPU family. We know several SPU professors personally as they attended the two churches we served in Seattle. We have friends who are alumni of the school. As it turns out, Paul Lee, the student who was killed, was part of Carol’s sister’s church in Beaverton, OR. Sometimes we live in a very small world indeed and we discover there are very few degrees of separation.

One member of the SPU family has written “an open letter to the SPU gunman” expressing the range of emotions one feels after an incident like this while at the same time demonstrating grace and a deep faith in God.

Pray for SPU

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