Evaluate your church

25 Jul

Two ideas for evaluating and improving the ministries of your church.

The 1 percent difference

  • Evaluate all your current ministries and make a list of the twelve most important ones to your church and its future.
  • Looking over your list, what could you do this year in each area to improve it by only 1 percent? How can you upgrade each area this year so that it will be better next year? Be as specific and practical as possible.
  • Once you’ve made your list, get started. If you accomplish each one, you’ll have upgraded your ministries by about 12 percent.

One Little Thing

  • Launch a “one little thing” program for your church. Print a card with the following statement on one side: “It often takes just one little thing to make a church more effective. Please answer the following two questions.” On the other side of the card, print the following and allow room to write an answer: “One thing I keep hearing others say about our church is …” and “One little thing we could do to address this comment is …”
  • Give the cards to the leaders and/or congregation. Ask them to answer the questions. Then collect the cards and begin the one little thing.

Adapted from Beyond the First Visit: The complete guide to connecting guests to your church, by Gary L. McIntosh

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