What’s a pastor do?

05 Dec

4-6 times a year, I give the elders of First Central Baptist Church a list of the various ministry activities I am engaged in. It allows them to hold me accountable as well as know how to pray for me. Below is the one I distributed last night. After writing it, I realized why I am so tired! But as one friend used to say, “I’ve been bored, and I’ve been busy … and I’d rather be busy.” 🙂

Wheeler Winter 2014-15 Ministry Activities


  • The Message of Christmas (4-week series in Isaiah, November 30 – December 21)
  • The Gospel of Mark (September 2014 – April 2016)


  • Sojourners – a Sunday School class for young families (starts January 11) – weekly
  • Men’s Fraternity – weekly
    • 33-The Series, Part 2: A man and his story (January 6 – February 10)
    • 33-The Series, Part 3: A man and his traps (February 24 – March 31)
  • Elders’ Bible studies – monthly
  • Awana teaching rotation – once every six weeks


  • I meet with Chris Ames and Jack Gilbert on a regular basis

Russia ministry trip

February 23 – March 9, 2015 – Teaching a 3-day course on the life of Moses in two locations (Elista & Tsibanobalka) to pastors and young leaders

Board meetings

  • Elders
  • Finance
  • C.E.
  • Missions


  • Staff meetings
  • Meet with individuals
  • Hospital visits
  • Crisis du jour
  • Host dinners
  • Meet with two groups of pastors (Conservative Baptist pastors on 1st Tuesday of month; DTS alumni on 4th Wednesday of month)
  • Meet with a small group of men on Thursdays for lunch and prayer

Future planning

  • Quarterly leaders meetings – next one scheduled for February 17


  • December 26 – January 4 (Jonathan and Amanda & Phillip will be in town)
  • June 15-28 – Amanda & Phillip get married on June 21 in SoCal



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