Refreshed by truth and beauty

11 Dec

IMG_0014Last night, Carol and I drove an hour south to the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT, to see The Piano Guys in concert. It was an uplifting evening. The concert of piano and cello music was a mixture of classical, pop, sacred, rock, and Christmas music in an atmosphere of passion, energy, creativity, and pure fun.

Beyond enjoying the music, I took away two lessons.

IMG_0015We immersed ourselves in an atmosphere of truth and beauty as we enjoyed the music. It was uplifting, encouraging, and refreshing. I need more experiences and times of refreshment like that. I came away renewed and encouraged.

The artists are Mormons who believe in God. Since they are not Christ followers, we certainly differ on what it means to be saved. (Steven Sharp Nelson gave a somewhat awkward explanation of the words of the Christmas carol, “O Come, O Come Immanuel,” and what it means to be ransomed.) That being said, they play with passion, energy, and joy. IMG_0017They use their musical and artistic gifts to celebrate life, beauty, and spirituality. Why don’t we evangelicals who know the truth about God, Jesus, and salvation worship with the same sense of passion? Why don’t we use our gifts and abilities to celebrate Jesus and point people to him?

Great concert. Great venue. An enjoyable evening with my wife. I was refreshed.

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