There is no RIGHT way to do evangelism

16 Dec

When it comes to sharing one’s faith, one size doesn’t fit all. There is not just one right way to do it. The methods of evangelism are as different and plentiful as there are personalities. While we are to share Jesus with those around us, the way we do it can be varied and creative. Dave Earley makes this point in his book, Evangelism Is …: How to Share Jesus with Passion and Confidence.

My friend, Paul, has the spiritual gift of prophecy. His preferred way of evangelizing is boldly speaking to strangers on busy street corners. Every Friday night he hits the streets and attempts to engage lost people in conversations where he can proclaim biblical truth. Patti also has the gift of prophecy and uses it to debate atheists and Muslim students at her state university.

Sandy has the gift of servant. She is amazing at fixing meals for people who have been ill or who have family members in the hospital. Sam also has this gift.

Tom is a teacher. He works hard to get his coworkers to join him every day during lunch for a brief time of Bible study. Tim is also a teacher, but he is most comfortable dialoguing with spiritual seeks on chat boards over the Internet.

Elle is an encourager. She is gifted at encouraging lost people to come to church with her. Ernie also is an encourager, but his style is to encourage lost people to take the next step and cross the line of faith.

Grant is a successful businessman and a generous giver. He has personally given the money to build two orphanages in Africa. Jacob and Ashley also have this gift. They save up their money every week so they will have to the funds to give and evangelize. Every Sunday they look for single moms who are visiting their church. Then they offer to treat them and their children to a nice lunch afterward. Over lunch they discern the young ladies’ spiritual condition and look to share the gospel.

Leah is a leader. She completely organized the five-year-old children’s ministry of her church so the teachers and helpers have reached all the children and their families with the gospel.

Marc is skilled at showing mercy. He goes out every Friday night to the homeless camps downtown. He feeds the men and takes them blankets, coats, and firewood in the winter. As a result he has shared the gospel with most of them and has seen several come to Christ.

All of these people do evangelism in different ways in accordance with their God-given spiritual gifts. All are active evangelists, and God has blessed their efforts.

How do you share your faith?


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