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Truth is how I define it

In his book, The Rise of the Nones: Understanding and Reaching the Religiously Unaffiliated, author James Emery White describes the belief system of those who don’t identify with any particular religion. In pages 57-63, he explains that their system includes three primary concepts—truthiness, wikiality, and mistakers.

  • Truthiness: the assertion that we are not only to discern truth for ourselves from the facts at hand, but also to create truth for ourselves despite the facts at hand
  • Wikiality: reality as determined by majority vote, such as when astronomers voted Pluto off their list of planets
  • Mistakers: to avoid calling ourselves sinners, we’ve become mistakers; to turn everything we do into a virtue where lust becomes “sensuality,” and anger is just “being honest with your emotions”

I found it interesting that this week’s panels in the comic Non Sequitur, the character, Danae, practices truthiness and wikiality. If someone corrects her, then that person is “preachy.” Once again, it demonstrates how comic strips reflect values and culture in a humorous manner.

truth is preachy 1 truth is preachy 2 truth is preachy 3 truth is preachy 4 truth is preachy 5 truth is preachy 6

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On your best day


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I’m entitled

Leave it to my favorite theologian to sum up the prevailing philosophy of our day.

Calvin & Hobbes - entitlement 2 Calvin & Hobbes - entitlement

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The fear of the Lord

The fear of the

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Winter storm Juno

Juno was not quite the blizzard everyone predicted, but it did leave behind about 10″ of snow. The snow was light and powdery and left drifts on the driveway and front steps. Thank goodness for a snow blower.


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Snow foolery

In honor of bombogenesis, a collection of Calvin & Hobbes snow comics.

Calvin & Hobbes - snow - temptation Calvin & Hobbes - snow dance Calvin & Hobbes - snowball fight Calvin & Hobbes - snowballs at speed of light Calvin & Hobbes - snowman evolution Calvin & Hobbes - snowman suicide 2 Calvin & Hobbes - snowman suicide Calvin & Hobbes - snowmen-1 Calvin & Hobbes - snowmen-2 Calvin & Hobbes - snowmen-3 Calvin & Hobbes - snowmen-4

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Weather Words

When we lived in Seattle, we experienced Snowpocalypse in 2010 and Snowmageddon 2012. Last year, we had the Polar Vortex in Western MA. This week, we were warned to be ready for bombogenesis, or, a meteorological bomb. (As it turned out, the blizzard fizzled to snow flurries. Instead of feet of snow, we received inches.) How many different ways can weather gurus describe a winter snow storm?

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