Sunday evening in Moscow

08 Mar

Saturday afternoon we hung out at Cinnabon for a couple of hours to use the internet. I was able to get caught up on email and send out the daily reports I had written but was unable to send.

Saturday turned colder and it was snowing when we left the restaurant. I joked with John, “Don’t tell me this is preparing me to go back to MA.”

Sandzhik picked us up and took us to dinner at his home. We enjoyed a wonderful evening with Sandzhik and Elsa and their daughter, Zanda. We evaluated the week of classes, talked about possible future plans, listened to their dreams for future ministry, told stories, laughed, and enjoyed fellowship with fellow kingdom servants. We ended the evening by praying for the family.

On Sunday, we had an easy morning. We hung out at the house until Kolya picked us up for lunch. Afterwards, he and Sandzhik took us to the airport for our flight to Moscow.

I was more tired Sunday morning than I have been on the trip. I could tell the trip was almost over by the fact I was starting to let down physically. I didn’t have to be “up” to teach and I was feeling “spent.”

On the way to lunch, Sandzhik took us to see a famous Kalmykian monument that remembers the many Kalmyks sent to Siberia by Stalin in 1943. Many went to Sakhalin Island. That’s where Sandzhik’s mother went to while his father went to another location. Seems he was afraid they would fight for the Germans so he sent them away. They were not able to return until 1957. Sandzhik said his grandfather was sent to Siberia three times. The monument was very sobering, made even more so by the cold weather and biting wind.

We arrived in Moscow Sunday evening. Upper 30’s, raining.

We are now on our way to the next adventure. I’m headed home, John & Naomi head for Bishkek, Krygyzstan, and Lena goes back to her home in Anapa.

See you soon. Thanks for praying.

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