Can one person change the world?

21 Mar

PossibleBook Review: Possible: A Blueprint for Changing How We Change the World, by Stephan Bauman

Can one person truly change the world? Can I change the world? While we may answer “Yes” to the first question, we feel like the answer to the second question is “No.” “It may be possible for other people to bring about lasting change, but there is no way that I can do that. I’m just an ordinary person.” At least, that is what we tend to believe.

Stephan Bauman, the president of World Relief wants to change that perception. The pervading theme of his book, Possible: A Blueprint for Changing How We Change the World, is that ordinary people can effect lasting change. But they need help in doing so, starting with the understanding that they need to change themselves first.

Can we change the world? I believe people like you will do extraordinary things when given the chance, turning some of the most entrenched, seemingly intractable situations of our day into something hopeful, something …


I believe “there are no ordinary people,” only people who are bold enough to think they can save a life, or some corner of the world, and fierce enough to try.

Bauman’s book is divided into three parts. Part 1: “Recovering our call” aims to convince the reader of the need of world poverty. This section challenges the reader to refuse to accept the world as it is. Part 2: “Reframing the problem” presents the idea that change is possible. If you start small and believe, there is no telling what might be accomplished. Part 3: “Remaking the world” provides a blueprint for how and where to start in effecting change.

Far too often, relief agencies make a variety of mistakes in trying to raise awareness of the need. They may convince people that they only way to help is to give money. They may burden their audience with undue guilt and/or desensitize people to the need. In telling their stories, they may convince the reader that you have to be an extraordinary individual to have any kind of impact. Bauman does the opposite. He explains biblical principles without being preachy. He tells stories of small acts done by ordinary people. Most importantly, he gives a concrete, practical outline for how to discover your passion and where you can use your gifts to make an impact in the battle.

Change is possible. The battle can be won. A very encouraging, helpful book.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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