Interceding for others

22 Apr

For quite some time, I have used the apostle Paul’s prayers in Ephesians and Colossians as a way of praying specifically for my children. They helped shape my prayers for them.

I came across a much fuller list of 26 prayer requests in Paul’s epistles that he made on behalf of other people and/or churches. We can pray these requests for our spouses, children, other people, and churches.

Paul prayed that his spiritual children would …

Romans 15:5-6 Learn to live in unity and harmony with others
Romans 15:13 Be filled with joy, peace, and spiritual energy
Ephesians 1:17 Know God personally
Ephesians 1:18 Know what God is calling them to do and be, all that is available to them in God, and how great God’s power can be in them as they believe in him
Ephesians 3:16 Be inwardly strengthened with Spirit-imparted power
Ephesians 3:17 Have faith to be fully open to Christ and make him welcome in their hearts
Ephesians 3:18 Experience an ever-growing realization of every possible dimension of Christ’s extravagant love
Ephesians 3:19 Live full of God
Philippians 1:9 Possess abounding, insightful, discerning, appropriate love
Philippians 1:10 Wisely prioritize the best things
Philippians 1:11 Be filled with righteous fruits
Colossians 1:9 Be filled with a clear knowledge of God’s will
Colossians 1:10 Live worthy of the Lord consciously
Colossians 1:10 Fully please him in everything
Colossians 1:10 Bear fruit in good works
Colossians 1:10 Be filled with a clear knowledge of God
Colossians 1:11 Be invigorated with glorious strength and endurance
Colossians 1:12 Joyfully thank God for all he has made available to them
1 Thessalonians 3:12 Abound in and overflow with love
1 Thessalonians 3:13 Be infused with strength and blameless holiness
1 Thessalonians 5:23 Be made holy and whole inside and out
2 Thessalonians 1:11 Be made fit for what God has called them to be
2 Thessalonians 1:11 Be energized by God to and fulfill their spiritual ideas and efforts
2 Thessalonians 2:17 Experience spiritual encouragement and empowerment in their words and works
Philemon 6 Share their faith and understand just how amazing it is

Adapted from “Following Paul’s example in praying for your flock,” in Pastoral Leadership Is…: How to Shepherd God’s People with Passion and Confidence, by Dave Earley

Please click on the link to download a pdf copy of the list.

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