Turn with me to …

02 Jun

Each week, I ask our congregation at First Central Baptist Church in Chicopee, MA, to turn to the Scripture passage I am preaching on. On Sunday, I decided to make some side comments as they were turning so they might better understand the method to my madness. I said the following,

Turn with me to Mark 8:22-26. As you are turning, let me explain that when I say, ‘Turn with me to …’ I mean, Turn with me. Years ago, I used to include the Scripture passage in the sermon outline and notes and I put it on the screen in the PowerPoint. But I discovered that people stopped bringing their Bibles. I want you to see the passage in the Bible. I want you to see that these are not my ideas, nor even the ideas of the Apostle Mark, but rather the words of God, the author of the Bible.

I also recognize that this is the 21st Century and some people bring an electronic Bible rather than a print Bible. So I will occasionally say, ‘Turn with me in your Kindle, your iPhone, your iPod, your Nook, your paperback, hardback, large print … whatever form your Bible takes these days.’ When I travel to CA next week for my daughter’s wedding, I may not take a print Bible with me. But I will have my Kindle and my iPod which contain multiple Bibles and multiple translations between the two of them.

Having said all this, Turn with me to Mark 8:22-26.


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