Did the sermon hit the target?

14 Jul

DSC_0087While at Awana Camp, I took my turn on the archery range. I was there taking pictures of the students as they were engaged in one of the skill classes. During a break in the action, one of the leaders asked if I wanted a turn in the rotation. As long as I wasn’t taking the spot of one of the kids, I was game and willing to take my shot.

After grabbing a bow and an arrow, I proceeded to place the arrow on the wrong side of the bow. After being corrected, I switched the arrow to the correct side and placed it inside the guide. I pulled back the string and let it fly. It twanged, fell out of the guide, and landed ingloriously at my feet. I picked it up, corrected my mistake, held the arrow tighter, aimed at the target, and let it fly a second time. While it flew straight and true, it also sailed beyond the target. As an archer, I will never be mistaken for William Tell or Robin Hood.

One of my prayers for my preaching is that I will hit the target the text identifies. I pray that I will not say more or less than what the text teaches. I don’t want to stop short of the target for fear of offending people. I don’t want to fly beyond the target by using a verse as a starting point for what I really want to talk about. I want to be true to the text and say what God wants his people to hear. I pray that I will be accurate and true in my preaching and hit the target every time. I pray that I say no more or no less than what God intended.


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