2015 VBS – Day Four

23 Jul

2015 VBS at First Central Baptist Church in Chicopee, MA, had its best day yet today. On Day Four, the gospel is presented in the Bible story and several children prayed to receive Christ as Savior. We are grateful for what God is doing. We had more songs, stories, games, and science experiments.

We’ve been collecting money this week for a ministry in Nepal. Miss Robin told the kids on Monday that for every $25 raised, one leader would get a pie in the face on Friday. The money has been pouring in and tomorrow we’ll find out how many leaders get pied.

During our closing session today, Miss Robin used a block of ice to demonstrate God’s love and our relationship with God. When she shattered the block, it demonstrated how sin breaks our relationship with the Father. When Jesus came and collected the ice cubes, it symbolizes how he forgives our sins and makes our relationship with him brand new. All of this took place while we sang the song, “Faith.” It was a powerful day.


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