Praying for the church

04 Sep

On September 1, we gathered the leaders of First Central Baptist Church in Chicopee, MA, together for an information meeting. We discussed issues related to the life of the church–shepherding, one another ministry, announcements, generosity, and others. We closed our meeting with a time of prayer. I asked the group to pray for these specific issues for our church family.

  • Provide financially
    • Make up our deficit
    • End the year in the black
    • Grant us a spirit of generosity
    • Know the joy of giving
  • Give us a passion for the lost
    • Become more outward focused
    • Add new believers to our church
  • Every attender engaged
    • Move everyone from the crowd to the congregation to the committed; move many to the core; move some to the commissioned
  • Willing to change & adapt
    • Less rigid; more flexible
    • Willing to do whatever it takes to become fruitful and effective
  • Multiply our effectiveness
    • Depth vs. breadth – we will build deeply into the lives of people and let God determine the breadth of our ministry
    • Become more fruitful and effective
    • Growth in depth and in numbers
  • Revival & renewal
    • Breathe new life into our church



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Posted by on September 4, 2015 in Church, First Central Bible Church, Prayer


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