Speak up

02 Oct

Word is coming out that yesterday’s shooting at Umqua Community College in Roseburg, OR, was aimed at Christians. The shooter asked if the person was a Christian. If they said, “Yes,” he shot them in the head. If they said remained silent or said, “Other,” he shot them in the leg. The event prompted many Christians to post the question on Facebook, “If someone put a gun to your head and asked if you were a Christian, what would you say?” While that is certainly a valid question, perhaps a more pressing one is, “Why do we wait until there is a gun to our head before we speak up for Christ?”

As Christ followers, we have the good news that forgiveness is a free gift through Jesus Christ. We need to share this message with those who have no hope.

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Posted by on October 2, 2015 in Evangelism, Faith, News stories


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