What’s a Christian to do about Halloween?

30 Oct

3By dressing up your children in costumes and taking them “trick or treating” in the neighborhood, are you participating in a pagan ritual and compromising your faith? By giving out candy to children that come trick or treating to your house, are you encouraging the occult and demonic? Can a Christ follower use a holiday such as Halloween for redemptive purposes?

31These are difficult questions, but ones which a Christ follower needs to have an answer for. You may have to agree to disagree with those who come to different conclusions. I served on staff of one church where an associate pastor went ballistic because a person used miniature pumpkins as part of a fall decoration on the church piano. In contrast, my wife and I helped our kids pick out Halloween costumes and went trick or treating with them. We did that for several years until I talked the kids into talking mom out for dinner instead of going trick or treating. (My wife’s birthday is on Halloween and it got lost every year because of Halloween parties.)

46Our church hosts “Trunk ‘R Treat” in the church parking lot each year on October 31 as a way of blessing the community. Church members decorate their cars and we pass out candy, gospel tracts, and tooth brushes from a local dentist. This year, we’re including a bounce house and food to encourage people to stick around so we can connect with them and talk.

To help you develop your own convictions on the subject, read Mike McKinley’s blog post, “Should Christians take part in Halloween celebrations?” You may not agree with his perspective, but it will help you to think biblically on the topic.


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