Above reproach

21 Jan

Pastor, author, and blogger Tim Challies is currently doing a series on the character of a Christian. His aim is to show that the character qualities of elders (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9) are actually God’s calling on all Christians. This week’s study is on the quality, “Above reproach” or “blameless.” He explains that

“above reproach” is first a legal word that indicates a kind of innocence in the eyes of the law. It means that no one can legitimately rebuke you or make any charges against you that will stick. They may accuse, but your conduct will eventually acquit you by proving you blameless (“blameless” being a far more common translation than “above reproach”). Your life is so consistent that your reputation is credible, you are an example worth following, and you do not make the gospel look fake by teaching one thing while doing another.

Tim provides some questions for self-evaluation to measure the quality in one’s life as well as some “Prayer Points” we can use to ask God to develop the quality in our lives. Very helpful study.


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