Choosing a New Name for First Central – revised list of top 12 names

20 Apr

Here’s a revised list of the 12 names we are going to consider during the next phase of choosing a new name for First Central Baptist Church. (We discovered that two of our previous finalists, Cornerstone Bible Church and Crossroads Bible Church, are too similar to other churches in our area. They have been removed from consideration to avoid confusion.)

  • Chicopee Bible Church                                                                         
  • Christ Centered Church                                                                      
  • Christ First Central                                                                              
  • Church of Faith and Grace                                                                   
  • Faith Bible Church                                                                               
  • First Central                                                                                       
  • First Central Bible Church
  • First Central Church
  • First Central Community Church
  • First Central Fellowship Church
  • First Central Gospel Church
  • Grace Bible Church                                                                             

As we narrow the list, we have to wrestle with many questions:

  • Who is the name for?
  • Who are we trying to attract?
  • Are we trying to preserve the past?
  • Are we trying to reach the lost?
  • What is the right length? Two words? Three words? Four words? Is the name too long? Too short?
  • What do the words “First Central” communicate to the community?
  • Which of these names will best position us to accomplish our purpose of “Building a Community to Change the World”?
  • Will these names promote growth? Hinder growth?

Considering that seven of the twelve names contain “First Central”, I wonder if we are overly enamored with the name. I wonder if our emotional attachment to our old name is hindering us from thinking objectively about the future. I’ve heard a few people voice this opinion, but I’m sure that others will disagree as well.

My hope and prayer is that we will prayerfully consider the issues and options, and that we will listen to God as he directs us in unity to the name he has picked for us.

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Posted by on April 20, 2016 in First Central Bible Church


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