When Did Television Become So Amoral?

23 Apr

When did television become so amoral? At first blush, you naturally assume I mistyped my question and meant to say “immoral” rather than “amoral.” But no, it is not a typing error. I meant to say amoral.

To call something “immoral” means that there is a recognized standard of right and wrong and people willingly choose to do what is wrong. “Amoral” means that there is not a recognized standard of right and wrong, but people act according to their own personal standards of right and wrong.

Based on that definition, we are living according to the description found in the final verse in the book of Judges in the Old Testament. “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

In the past week, I have been struck by how amoral television has become. Here are three examples from the few TV shows I happened to watch recently.

The Catch (ABC) – A splashy, sexy show introduced last month about a female private detective cheated by a con man, and the chase is on. In the first episode, the female private detective admits to sleeping with random strangers. In the third episode, she works inside or outside the law depending on the situation, and has a stolen painting in her bedroom. In the fourth episode, she helps the con man escape an FBI agent. Meanwhile, the con man’s female partner murders one “mark” and sleeps with both men and women.

Once Upon A Time (ABC) – Now in its fifth season, the show adds a new twist to every fairy tale you’ve ever read. In the most recent episode, the writers added an LGBT element by having Ruby kiss Dorothy, offering “true loves’ kiss” to rescue Dorothy from a sleeping curse. In the opening episode of their spring season, OUAT introduced the idea that you can work your way out of hell by settling your “unfinished business” in a positive manner.

Blue Bloods (CBS) – Over the course of the sixth season, Danny Reagan, a seasoned NYPD detective, has been chasing a serial killer. In the most recent episode, he shot and killed the man, even though he was unarmed. When Danny’s sister, Erin, an Assistant District Attorney, asked if he shot in self-defense, Danny responded, “It was justified.” Over the course of six seasons, every member of the family, save Danny, has slept with someone they weren’t married to.

If you said that these were exceptions to the rule of wholesome entertainment, you would be deluding yourself. You can find a multitude of other examples of amoral behavior just by watching the previews of different programs.

The writers and producers of television and movies seemingly have the agenda to demonstrate that any and every form of behavior is perfectly acceptable. It is up to each one’s individual standards of morality as to whether it is right or wrong. And if you disagree or find it objectionable, then you need to be tolerant because others may hold to a different standard.

Judges 21:25 certainly describes Television and America in 2016. We are doing what is right in our own eyes. What we fail to realize is that the book of Judges also describes the chaos that descended on the nation of Israel because they chose to follow their own standards rather than God’s laws. We delude ourselves if we believe we will find utopia by following our own rules. Doing what is right in our own eyes is not a recipe for freedom and happiness. Amorality and tolerance will only lead to disaster and judgment.

Watching television today requires a heightened sense of discernment and vigilance. You cannot shut your brain off and “veg out.” You will unknowingly adopt values which are unbiblical and ungodly. After every episode, show, movie, ad, and commercial, you have to ask yourself, “What does Scripture say about this?”

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