Choosing a new name for First Central – the saga continues

09 May

At our annual meeting, the congregation of First Central Baptist Church approved the proposal to change the name of the church (76% approval). (If you want to know more about why we’re making the change, read one of the previous blogs on the subject.) After discussing how to move forward, the elders recommended the following stages in the process:

  • 72 names were submitted during February and March.
    • During April & May, we will use a series of polls to narrow the list to two finalists. Both members and regular attenders will be allowed to participate in the polls. We will use a bulletin insert which people will be asked to fill out on the Sunday of the poll.
    • On April 17, we narrowed the list to 12 names.
    • On May 8, we narrowed the list to the top 6 names.
    • On June 5, we will ask you to narrow the list down to two finalists.
  • On June 15, we will vote on a new name for First Central during our Semi-Annual business meeting. Only members will be allowed to vote on the final name.

Top 6 Suggested Names

  • First Central Bible Church
  • First Central Church
  • First Central Community Church
  • First Central Fellowship Church
  • First Central Gospel Church
  • Grace Bible Church

Two people wrote letters presenting contrasting views on choosing a new name. One presented the viewpoint that our new name should be completely new. Another presented the perspective that the new name should build on, but not ignore the past.

Please prayerfully consider what God would have us to be called as we seek to fulfill our purpose of Building a Community to Change the World.



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