Construction therapy

20 May

Ministry brings unique challenges. There are benefits to be sure. There are times of great joy. You see lives that are transformed by God’s grace. But there are challenges that can be draining—leading people when they don’t want to follow, caring for people who would rather be left alone, and keeping folks on track when they would rather wander into and stay in the weeds. On top of that, people are always in process, ministry is never complete, the next sermon needs to be prepared, and there is always more growth to be pursued.

I love ministry, and would not change what I do. But there are times when I need to do some construction therapy where I can demolish, build, and complete a project. Over the past month, I have worked under our back deck to replace an aging retaining wall and a screened wall. Here are some before and after pictures.



On the one hand, construction projects may be more expensive than seeing a therapist. However, they allow me to work with my hands, build something, and step back and admire a finished project. On top of that, the nails don’t complain if I hit them too hard or don’t drive them in straight. 🙂


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