Don’t be a “Whatever” Christian

21 May

lukewarmThe term “Whatever” represents the philosophy not only of our modern age, but of many Christians as well.

…churches in modern America are actually aiming for the middle ground.  They want enough religion to be respectable, but not so much that they are viewed as zealots. Parents tell their children that they shouldn’t be atheists, but, at the same time, they tell them not to take this religious thing too far. Lukewarm religion is actually the goal.

This is the conclusion of Michael J. Kruger in an article entitled, “Apathetic about Your Apathy? Here is Why a Lukewarm Church is a Bigger Problem Than We Think.” He points out that apathy is much more dangerous than we think. It is the religion of our age and ultimately, it is out of sync with the greatness and glory of God.

The article is well-written and thought provoking. The author calls us back to a bigger view of God and to fall in love with Jesus Chris all over again.

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Posted by on May 21, 2016 in Church, Quotes, Scripture


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