Once upon a “Future” time

21 May

Will Mancini believes that church leaders should engage in long-term planning. Not just six months ahead, but five to ten years ahead. This is the focus of chapter 3, “Obsessing with Now” in his book, God Dreams: 12 Vision Templates for Finding and Focusing your Church’s Future. Here are some highlights I noted from the chapter.

“…the Horizon Storyline also takes on another problem that thwarts visionary leadership: the tendency to obsess with ‘now’ to the point that you don’t plan. The goal of this chapter is to challenge you to trade an obsession with now for a mind-set that values thinking long.”

“God wants church leaders to think long so you can dream even bigger and attempt even greater things for Him.”

“People of faith always take the eternal view, the longest view possible.”

Twelve Compelling Reasons to Think Long

Biblical Reasons 1. Think long to love people beyond your lifetime.
  2. Think long because that’s how God reveals himself.
  3. Think long because, most likely, you will lead for a long time.
  4. Think long because God thinks generationally.
  5. Think long because you will live forever.
Practical Reasons 6. Think long because how big you think guides how much you accomplish.
  7. Think long to build a ministry that will endure.
  8. Think long because it costs you nothing.
Motivational Reasons 9. Think long to master-plan your disciple-making impact.
  10. Think long to connect people to God’s big story of redemptive history.
  11. Think long to focus a broader resource base.
  12 Think long so that God can do more than you think.

Mancini’s principles reminded me of a statement I read years ago in one of Warren Bennis’ books, “The curse of our generation is short-term thinking.”

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